Inspired by my Lunch Break When I Woke Up from Napping in the Backseat of my Car and A Man Was Peering In And Asked “Are You Napping in the Back of Your Car” and I Said “Um Yes”

Isn’t “awkward” just a way to explain something in motion…unexpectedly?

Bending your arm in a funny way #awkward.

Stepping on someone else’s feet #awkward.

Writing 2013 instead of 2015 #awkward.

Your first kiss #awkward.

Knocking on the wrong person’s door #awkward.

When a kind lady at the store tells me my pants are inside-out #prettyawkward.

But I think most people think being awkward is uncomfortable…  because most people aren’t comfortable with the unexpected. That’s all.

Wouldn’t it be terrible to never be awkward? That means you’re always moving in expected ways. If I went through my life and for a majority of it moved as expected…

Oh lord. Please bless me with some more Awkward. Never let me get too smooth. It would all be so much less entertaining.