Dream Poem

I woke up from a dream and recorded it in the best way possible. Even I don’t understand it:


“This is

Life’s Betrayal, Mapped. 

Write it down. 

Peace will be found–

A way out of the maze is at–

The journey through the abyss ends–

Where justice,

meets birthright.

Where is this , you ask? 

It’s found

When Forgiveness

Meets Apology

In the dead dark’s center

(Le centre n’est pas le centre!

But at your wit’s end!)

And illuminates Truth.

What is Truth, you ask?

It is exactly where inner Prophecy

Meets outer Opportunity!

Where Self-Fulfillment

Meets a detour

And Acceptance is the choice.

And there,

In infinite pairs

One falls

Into the valley of


Did someone put acid in my sleep?