desTroying Helen, a Contemporary Renaissance

Give me the face

That launched a thousand ships

Make me Helen of Troy

Think heaven upon my lips


Return each time

Once more for a kiss,

And while my mouth you touch,

It’s someone else you miss.



Call me fairer than evening air,

And then take it back,

Be Paris in despair.

Then angry at what I  lack.




It is through distance you desire

My smile and gold hair,

How easy you forget

It’s at Helen you stare.


I’m a far away fiction,

Your imagination built up,

A figure of crystal

Until reality erupts.



Deluded, deluded

Deluded! sweet youth—

How lovingly you ignore

The real ugly truth.




Clad me in the beauty of

A thousand bright stars.

But I warn you against the fantasy

Of me in your arms.


Meet me under my face,

Where no one dare tread;

for I am Mona Lisa, smiling…

And Mona Lisa is dead.