I started a poem.

It was shit.

It was truly all over the place.

There were swords and stuff.

But it had potential.

It was talking about knights and stuff.

And heroes.

And how I don’t believe in them.

I can save myself just fine.

It was feeble.

The rhyme was ick.

But the message was sound.

I hit “File”

Punched “Save As”

And typed hastily:

“Too Emotional, Needs Work.”

And then paused.

And then I realized.

Is that how I’ve been saving myself?

You know, in real life?

I’m too emotional.

I need some work.

“Too Emotional, Needs Work”?

No wonder I need a hero.

And then no wonder I kill him off.

This revelation greatly distressed me.

I tapped “File”

Clicked “New”

Selected “Blank Document”

And typed:

“I started a poem.”

And smiled.

This is me.

And I know how I’ll save this.

I’ll call it “Heroine.”
I think the first poem was shit

Because I made it about you.

But my life

And this poem

Is about me.


It has fewer weapons.

And less violence.

Which I agree with morally.

Also politically.

(CTRL + S )