A New Kind of Accident Baby

Larissa’s birthday is my fault. Let me explain:
When I was 3 years old, I fell. It wasn’t a big fall, it was a tiny trip that my mother didn’t see. My mom didn’t see, but The Universe did. And there was something about that trip that caused It to stir my way. The Universe saw my All, my After, and recognized that there was more balance to be had. It called to all the the souls–
We have a family who needs an angel.
The Angels peaked down.
Don’t the Nelson’s already have one?
Angels don’t argue, but this was they closest they came.
They already have one angel, Universe.
Why two in one family? What does it mean?
The Universe waited.
One Angel stepped forth.
This family was meant for me, it spoke.
The Universe knew.
And the Angel dropped from the sky.
And as she spun her wings dusted away,
And as she shrank she lent the sun her glow.
And she fell. And she landed.
And as she sat and waited, she forgot.
And on February 12, 1997, an Angel was born to the Nelson family.
For reasons still unknown, I have Grace just a phone-call away. I have Complete Kindness sitting with me at dinner. I have Wisdom on a couch right next to me watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

So today! Today I celebrate 19 years of Larissa balancing out my greatest Trip of All. Love you to the moon and sun and every star, Lala… with no hope of coming back, it’s so infinite.